Preserve your luxury watch for long

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Preserve your luxury watch for long – Rolex, Audemars, Hublot
A great item that brings value for money is a high-end quality watch, irrespective of your preferences, whether Mechanical watches produced by the Swiss or the Japanese Quartz watches. To preserve and protect the durability of these valuables, you should take proper and considerate care when handling them, whether men’s luxurious watches or women’s luxury watches ranging from Rolex, Audemars, Hublot and so on.

To keep them working and in the best of conditions, luxury and designer watches, special and unique care and handling are necessary. If you are dressing for an evening occasion or a casual weekend, a fine luxury watch is a great fit to complement your dressing. You can follow these hacks to ensure your watches remain in brand-new conditions.

Wear Your Watch Often

Don’t fall for the misinformed notion that storing your unused watch for a long period, and this assumption is very false. In fact, the reverse is the case as donning your watch often is what actually keeps it in great working condition. By wearing your watch daily, you are really caring for it.
Why does this happen? You ask. This is because when you don the watch daily, you ensure the tenacity of the lubricants whenever there is movement. By storing the watch for longer periods of time, the lubricants may become thickened, therefore causing friction. In the end, this friction can cause the damaging of the functioning of the motion.
You should wind your watch at least once per week if you find yourself in a situation of not being able to wear it daily. This puts the watch gears in constant motion and keeps the lubricants from thickening. Better still, purchase a good winder for your watch, to keep your watch in good working condition whenever it’s unworn.

Wear with Care

Though luxury watches are durable, they are not meant to be worn during certain activities. Even a long-lasting watch is still susceptible to destruction from a golf club strike. Extreme temperatures tend to hurt watches. Keeping your watches indurable watch boxes will keep them protected and organized.
For wristwatch with leather straps, care should be taken regarding moisture. If a leather of fabric strap becomes moist or wet, it should be air-dried before returning the watch to the watch box. Automatic wristwatches are highly compatible with a quality watch winder. Serious and proper care should be taken when handling your quality wristwatch to get the best out of it.

Expert Care and Attention

Every three to four years, make a habit of taking your men and ladies’ watches to a watch specialist or expert. An expert can adjust mechanical and automatic motions and replace quartz batteries. Due to the sensitive nature of watches, scheduled routine maintenance will have the desired effect of luxury designer watches telling the time accurately.

Careful Cleaning

Give your luxury watches the same treatment you give your fine jewelry. Asides being necessary to cleanse your luxury watches, this cleaning should be done with care.With a soft, slightly moist fabric clean metal watch cases and bracelets.
Avoid bringing leather straps near water or any form of liquid to avoid getting it damp, as moisture can destroy the look of the strap. Avoid putting your watch in hot water, however water resistant it may be, as hot water damages the gasket. Scrub diamond adornments with a soap-dipped brush, and dip rubber straps in soapy water. It is recommended that rubber straps should be removed from the watch case before dipping in water.

Additional Cleaning Tips

If you happen to wear your watch often, then it is necessary that you clean your watch often.
1. Detach the strap or bracelet from the watch case.
2. Put the bracelet in a bowl of warm soapy water. If it is a leather strap, immerse in a bowl of warm water mixed with white vinegar. Leather cleaner can also do the job.
3. Soak the band in the warm water. If the dirt mass is light, you may soak the watch for only a few minutes. If the dirt mass is much, you should soak the bracelet for few hours.
4. Once the dirt has disjoined from the band, use a soft brush to brush the band softly to remove any remaining dirt from the bracelet.
5. Rinse off the band in clean water until all the dirt in the bracelet has been completely removed.
6. Use a lint free cloth to dry off the band and watch. Ensure you dry up all the moisture to keep from mildew.
7. Once the watch has been completely dried, attach the band back into the watch case and put it back on your wrist.

Wind the Watch

It is needful to wind your watch. If you leave your watch unwound and unused, it starts to develop mechanical faults, which is not cheap to fix. Make sure your watch is wound regularly to ensure its proper care.

Automatic Watch

Unworn, a watch that self-winds will continue working for approximately forty-eight hours before it stops calculating time and goes into rest mode. To leave the rest mode, just adjust the time and wind the watch. To do this, turn the crown clockwise a couple of times, then set it to the current time by pulling the winding stem out by a notch. It is generally agreed that within the first time it is worn, an automatic watch should be winded at least for 30 times. These watches are equipped with clasps that release the winding mechanism, irrespective of how many times it is wound, and it can never be unwound.
If ii becomes inevitable that you store your watch for long periods of time, then you should make it a priority to get a watch winder. it would wind your watch for you, whenever it is not in use.

Manual Watch

If your watch is of a manual make, you should schedule a specific time every day to wind it, preferably before wearing it. The making of a manual watch determines the amount of winding it needs. Some may need to be wound once per day, while others may require winding once every 2 or 3 days. Even the slightest feel of impediment when winding is usually taken as a sign that you should or else the spring could be damaged from too much winding.

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