How to keep your luxury watch clean

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Luxury watches are a remarkable investment, regardless of if your preference is a Japanese quartz watch or a Swiss mechanical or Rolex. You would want to ensure they are kept clean at every given moment.
Luxury watches require unique care so as to keep looking clean and functional. They are great accessories to add when you are dressing for an important occasion or keeping it casual during the weekend especially when they are still looking clean and brand new.
The following tips would aid you in keeping your luxury watches clean and having a brand new look at all times.

Keeping your Luxury Watches clean

Professional attention

It is recommended you take your luxury watches to a watch specialist after every two to four years. These professionals can aid in cleaning the insides of the watches and also replacing your batteries.

Watches are instruments that are sensitive and ensuring that routine maintenance is carried out would aid your luxury watch in running properly and being in mint condition at all times.

Cleaning carefully

You need to treat your luxury watches the same way you would treat your precious jewel. You need to carefully clean your luxury watches so that they remain clean always. You can do so with the aid of cloth which is soft and slightly damp to clean the metal watch cases and handles.

Ensure you do not get the leather straps wet as this could damage the look of the strap. Also, do not place your watch in hot water even though it is water resistant as hot water can result in the destruction of the gaskets. Embellishments made of diamond can be cautiously scrubbed with the aid of a soapy brush while rubber straps can be dipped in soapy water without issues. It is best to take off the rubber strap from the watch so you can dip it in water without fear of damaging the watch itself.

Wearing mindfully
Even though luxury watches are meant to last for a long time, you may want to put them off during some specific activities. Even a watch which is quite durable should not be worn to a wrestling match or football game as the wrong hit could damage it. Excessive temperature also has adverse effects on watches. You can safeguard your watches by storing them in watch boxes of high quality. This will ensure they remain clean and organized at all times.

Taking proper care of your luxury watches at all times will ensure they remain clean looking and let you get the value from your investment. The tips above are confident to assist you in doing just that.

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