Emerald Diamond Rings at Competitive Prices

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The emerald have the beautiful green color and  is a gemstone extraordinaire. Emerald is the birthstone of the month of May, making emerald jewelry a vibrant choice for those that born on May. Whether you love the exquisite green color or want to make a powerful jewelry choice, emerald jewelry is a sight to behold. You’ll love emerald set in yellow, white, or rose gold. Emerald paired with diamonds remains a classic choice. There are many styles of Emerald Diamond Rings, including classic emerald solitaire rings, lovely pendants, and modern, stackable emerald rings and bracelets. Shop with confidence in our store in Miami or online.

What is and emerald?
Emeralds are green precious stones that are mined from the ground. They are the premier gems in the Beryl family of stone-rocks. For more than 4,000 years, emeralds have been among the most valuable of all jewels on earth. Colombia, is located on the continent of South America, is the country that mines and produces the most emeralds for the global market of this product. It is estimated that Colombia accounts for nearly 70-90% of the world’s emerald market. While commercial grade emeralds are quite plentiful, fine and extra fine quality emeralds are extremely rare.

What is the price range of Emerald Diamond Rings?

Depending on their market-value—determined by factors such as size, color, purity, and brilliance—a low to high retail price range of emeralds is estimated as so: Commercial stones are ranged $300.00 to $5,250.00 per-Carat; Good stones are ranged $5,250.00 to $10,125.00 per-Carat; Fine stones are ranged $10,125.00 to $20,900.00 per-Carat; Extra Fine stones are ranged $20,900.00 to $90,800.00 per-Carat. The state departments in Colombia where most of the emerald mining takes place are in the regions of Boyacá and Cundinamarca, both found on the eastern ridge of the Andes Mountains that runs north-south throughout the entire country. Because of the rarity of sedimentary rock found in the emerald deposits of the Andes Mountains, Colombian emerald companies believe this condition to be the reason why Colombian emerald deposits are, “the purest emerald deposits found on earth.

Are the emeralds graded with the Four Cs?
Emeralds, like all colored gemstones, are graded using four basic parameters–the four Cs of Connoisseurship: Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat weight.  Before the 20th century, jewelers used the term water, as in “a gem of the finest water”, to express the combination of two qualities: color and clarity. Normally, in the grading of colored gemstones, color is by far the most important criterion. However, in the grading of emeralds, clarity is considered a close second. Both are necessary conditions. A fine emerald must possess not only a pure verdant green hue as described below, but also a high degree of transparency to be considered a top gem.

The emeralds have different shapes?

The emeralds can be make on different shapes and sizes. It depends what shape you like more, and for what type of jewelry you are going to use it. here you can see some of the shapes of the emerald.

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