Weekly Diamond Club Ebay Jewelry Auctions

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Diamond Club Inc is a fine family jewelry business that is based in Miami, Florida with more then 10 years of experience in this business and helping costumer find the perfect piece of jewelry for there love one or for theme.

We specializes in Antique and Estate jewelry, Pre Owned Luxury Watches, Diamond Jewelry and Fine Jewelry Auctions every week. We have a large selection of  jewelry item that you may be looking for, visit our website to see some of the jewelry items that we have. But if you want to see more you will have to come to our jewelry store in Downtown Miami. Diamond Club would love to help you out finding the perfect pice of jewelry for you or for your love one.

I-Love-Jewelry-Auctions-Diamond-Club-IncDiamond Club Ebay Auction:

We have a weekly Fine Jewelry Auction on eBay, Visit Our eBay Store: diamondclubmiami. All of our items start at $0.99 cents so you can bid for all the jewelry items that you like.

Advantages of Online Jewelry Auctions:

Convenience: You can buy an item even if you are just in your house or office.

Access to Full Information: You can get the chance to check all the information about the item for sale. You can even review the terms of payment and feedback ratings of the online seller. You may even check the other items that store is selling.

Time Saving:  Shopping is more time consuming as compared to online auctions.

Selection: You have the chance to view various similar items before coming up with a decision to join the online auction.


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To be the first one to see all of our beautiful jewelry items that we have every week. We have an exquisite variation of Emerald Diamond Rings, Diamond Necklace & Pendant, Diamond Earrings,Diamond Rings and Diamond Platinum Pins.  Subscribe today don’t miss the opportunity to win the items that you love.

When you subscribe to our newsletter you will received a weekly email letting you know what are the Jewelry Auction products that we have for that week. Also if you like we can send you information about the new jewelry products.


Why Pick Diamond Club Miami?

Because we guarantee the quality of the products and we will give you the best costumer service. We want you to come here as a costumer and leave as a friend. If you are looking for great jewelry items at great price you should come and visit us in Downtown Miami. Also check out the great feedback that we have on our eBay jewelry store here.

For more information About Us fell free to Contact Us with any question that you may have about of our jewelry auctions or any of our products that we have online. you can ask your questions via email or via phone. Or even better visit us in our store in Downtown Miami

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