A: No. You are welcome to walk-in any time, however in the case where you have a large collection that you’re looking to sell, we do recommend it.

A: Absolutely not. We provide our services free of charge.  No obligation appraisals.

A: No.  You can choose to accept or refuse our offer with no obligation or pressure to sell.

A: As you prefer, we offer cash, check or direct deposit payments when selling gold and unwanted jewelry.

A: Your safety and comfort is of the utmost importance to us and something we take very seriously.  Sell your gold in the heart of the diamond district, in our secured building with cameras and guarded access.  All transactions are private, fast and secure.

A: State law requires that we get a copy of your identification such as a license or work ID.  This is strictly for our records and will never be shared.

A: We buy Gold, sell gold and diamond jewelry such as rings, earrings, bracelets, chains.  We also buy gold coins, gold bullion and fine watches.

A: Stolen items, Non precious metals, Plastic, Pearls, Costume jewelry and Non Precious stones.

A: The market price of gold is measured in troy ounces. When we buy your gold we do it based on a unit of measurement called pennyweight (dwt). There are twenty pennyweights in one troy ounce.

A: Our buyers will take the time necessary to inspect each item for such marking as 10kt, 14kt and 18kt gold and perform a scratch test as necessary or we may recommend to have your precious metals melted and assayed for the highest possible payout. The higher the gold content the higher the value!

A: Appraising is done in-house by experienced staff qualified to establish fair market value. We breakdown the purity, weight and payout for each item so you know what you are selling and how much it’s worth. An accurate appraisal helps you by getting you the best value for your items.